About Prairie Fire Farms

  • Started at a small farm in Dauphin County, on Fishing Creek Valley Road with a hand full of volunteers and horses.  This location is where the dream of Prairie Fire Farms Foundation was born.
    After years of being at this location we moved to a temporary location in Dauphin which we were only at for a few months. 
  • 2011 we moved to Hummelstown, where we were located on 70+ acres of shared space with other horse owners, at this location we increased our summer camp program, number of volunteers and horses.  
  • 2015 we moved to our current location on a 30 acre property that we purchased in March 2020 and made our forever home.  Right now we have 27 horses, and roughly 25 volunteers that come and help with the horses on a daily basis. 
About Prairie Fire Farms

201 Angle Road
Grantville, PA 17028

Prairie Fire Farms Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit horse rescue and rehabilitation organization operating in central Pennsylvania. Tax ID 36-4698809
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